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Of Trademarks and the Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney

Many people are planning to start a business, but this raises a lot of questions, including those that concern trademarks. If you’re thinking of establishing a trademark, you have to take the right steps to make sure that it will be valid and safe. A trademark lawyer’s help will surely prove valuable in this scenario.

Defining a Trademark

A trademark is a name, logo, symbol or any element legally tied to a specific product, service or business. Trademarks are vital to the distinct identity of a business. Trademarks are used by consumers when recognizing one product or service from the rest.

What to Trademark

Your trademark may be the brand of your products or services or of your business itself. You can use all words (this is calleda “word mark”) or you can also use a graphic design, like a logo or symbol. In any case, it should delivery your message to your market. You can design your own trademark, but make sure it can be protected and will infringe other trademarks. Otherwise, you could be sued.

Checking a Trademark

When deciding on a business name, you need to go with something that captures attention and is easy to remember. Above all, it must be complete unique from other business, product or service trademarks, especially if you plan on making your business name your trademark. Again, if you infringe upon other trademarks, you could pay a high price for it. To prevent this scenario from occurring, take time to do some research. It needs a bit of work, but it can spare you from major issues in the future.

Scan the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database to know about registered as well as pending trademarks. But this task is not always as simple as it sounds. In fact, it takes a special skill and a solid understanding of trademark laws. It is therefore wise to work with a trademark lawyer when searching through trademarks.

Trademark Registration with a Trademark Lawyer

Registering a trademark does get daunting when you’re not legally knowledgeable and are working all on your own. However, with a trademark specialist lawyer, you will have expert help and advice on hand. They can assist you with an in-depth trademark search, ensuring that there will be zero duplicates. Of course, they can also prepare and file all the necessary documents to register your trademark properly. Finally, once you get your trademark, or even before that happens, this lawyer can also suggest a strategy that will guarantee its protection.

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