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Tips for Designing Doll Shoes

Finding an individual who has an interest in designing shoes but they get intimidated very common. Well, today you chose the right place to check because you will learn the methods that you can use in the creation of doll shoes without using a sewed stitch. In this article, we elaborate the right steps that you can use so that you can end up with a perfect doll shoe using the do it yourself(DIY) method. The best news is that you can make it on your own by using basic tactics. The use of materials such as leather and vinyl which are easy to find and are cheap in the market is advisable. The sturdiness of the product is what matters the most which mean you can as well use leather scraps. Visit the craft stores which are close to you and get some foam.

Keep in mind that glue is a critical element in this process and use it in well-ventilated areas. It is crucial to have shoelaces that you can use according to the kind that you love or a perfect match for the types of doll shoes that you are envisioning. Crafting the pattern pieces in the right way is essential in this step because you need to prepare your soles. That is the part where the cardboard, foam, and vinyl comes in. Make sure that you have a leather puncher that you can utilize while creating shoelace holes on the part that will be up. Use a hobby knife for removal of the cut-outs.

After that, make sure that you glue the cardboard that you made to the vinyl soles without leaving huge residues in the shoe. The solid that you use needs to be flattened using small, cut-out features after wrapping the attachment of the backward and forward-sided part of the cardboard sole. In this step, gluing the part of the shoe that is on the upper side to that of the lower one is vital. Do a similar attachment for the sole and cardboard by sticking them together.

For this step, it is vital to use hot glue so that it can hold the foam sole firmly to the uppers. It is vital to remember that pressing it hard after the application helps to minimize the bubblies in the attachment. Make sure that you use the hot glue trick to achieve maximum attachments. Attachment of the trim on the foam is essential and ensure that it is sizeable to stick the ends together for perfection.

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