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Types of First Aid Courses

In this contemporary time, various professions require employees to finish their first aid program as part of their training. However, depending on the workplace environment, it will dictate the type of first aid training that has to be completed.

If you would like to know more about the different first aid programs available these days and who should and can take them, then keep on reading.

Number 1. Basic or standard first aid course – this kind of course is also known as Emergency First Aid and it is created for public. In this program, it covers the basic principles of first aid training that is designed for individuals who are not working in places where accidents are not likely to happen or in workplaces that has no requirements for specific first aid knowledge or training. The standard first aid course is ideal for students, elderly people, stay at home parents and pupils.

Number 2. Advanced course – if you want to save a life and learn how to use AED or Automated External Defibrillators and oxygen when giving first aid to victims, then this is the next course after basic training. AED is also referred to as Advanced Life Support and this is perfect for managers or first aid employees of a first aid facility. The program is pretty useful as well for employees who are working in facility that’s equipped with AED as well as mask and oxygen tank.

Number 3. Marine or aquatic first aid – as for people whose job is on sailors, lifeguards, rescue divers or other profession that involve activities to be done in or on water, then this is the program that has to be taken. Aquatic first aid program deals with specific situations like pulling victims out of water or providing care for victims that can’t reach medical facility fast.

Number 4. Wilderness first aid – otherwise known as Outdoors or Remote First Aid, this course is teaching participants to provide first aid in remote areas in which the arrival of professional medical staffs may be delayed and there’s no easy access to specialized equipment. It’s the course of first aid that is done in mountain rescue, hikers or even average citizens who simply want to enjoy the outdoors.

Number 5. Mental health first aid – most people think that first aid intervention is only intended for physical ailments. With this course, the participant will be able to learn how they can offer thorough support for people affected by mental illness or someone who’s undergoing stressful situation.

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