The Beginner’s Guide to

Interesting Things about Animals

The animal kingdom is full of interesting animals. These animals have some abilities that shall leave you speechless. Did you know a pigeon knows math? They were seen to rank images as per the number of items on them. This is a fun fact to know of. Here are even more interesting facts.
Crows are also intelligent. They are in fact highly smart. You will find that they understand water displacement, can recognize faces and use tools. You may have heard a story about a crow that added stones to a water pitcher until the water level rose enough for it to drink, which is true. This is how the crow managed to reach and drink the water.
Mantis shrimp are known for their ability to see more colors than we can. Their vision is likened to that of a satellite sensor. They have twelve color receptors when humans have only the three of the primary colors, and dogs two, yellow and blue.
You will then hear of myths about the gray wolf that make no sense. They for one are not dangerous to humans. They will go out of their way to avoid meeting people. This means you and your livestock shall be harmed by anything else except them.
Elephants cannot jump. Their ability to organize and raise a family are well known as is their wonderful memory. Their inability to jump has little to do with their proportions and a lot to do with the lack of needing to. While jumping and running works as a defense mechanism for most other animals, an elephant is large enough not to be easily scared.
Rhino horns come from hair. These horns are based on the same material hair and nails are; keratin. You will also find calcium and melanin in it.
Tigers are powerful animals, with their legs as their strongest section. Their hind legs work well to jump after prey, and to also fight well. They are so strong, a tiger can remain standing even after death. While this shall be a sad show, you will witness its strength.
Cos know and get some emotions deeper than certain humans. You may not see it but they do get mood swings and feelings. They develop relationships amongst themselves, and have even best friends. If you were to separate these friends, they would be stressed.
Sloths are known to be slow in their behavior, but it goes further than that. Their digestion is also slow. They can for instance take up to a month to digest one meal. While they take longer to eat, they will take longer to get it digested.
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