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How to Assist a Loved One Suffering From Addiction

It is very difficult to witness your loved one going through addiction. Not being able to help may leave you feeling very useless as you see your loved one lose themselves slowly. This may even lead to some of us blaming themselves for the condition of the loved one. This is why you should know how to help your loved one who suffers from addiction no matter the cost. It is imperative to know precisely what addiction they have, and this must be done through research. It is essential to realize everything you can about it so that you are better prepared to deal with the circumstance they are in since there are numerous kinds of addiction. The cost of helping your loved one is high as you should try to maintain your boundaries. When trying to help your loved one, be very careful to ensure they are not manipulating you. They have been known to do this to get what they want. Boundaries will ensure that they recognize you won’t fall for it.

Remember to care for yourself. The cost of taking care of your loved one could be forgetting to take care of yourself, and this should not be the case. You have to be at a good place before you can even consider taking care of someone; therefore, you should take good care of yourself. Lots of addictions usually come together with more serious mental health conditions like depression. Examine your loved one carefully to see if they are also a victim of this. The condition may even be the reason for the addiction, and you could get rid of both problems if you identify this condition. Convince them to go for therapy if this is the case and they may get better whatever the cost. Abstain from disgracing them because this has the contrary impact of what it was expected to do. This is contrary to the popular belief that shaming an addict will cause them to change their ways. If your aim is getting them to change, use positive things to achieve that.

Encouragement is also a positive thing that could make them decide to change. The encouragement could be done through rewards or oral communication. The prizes could be for transient changes and long term changes. Ensure that you communicate with your loved one so that they do not feel alone. Loneliness and isolation have been identified as one of the biggest problems that addicts face while in their addiction. Showering them with all the love and all the attention in the world will go a long way in speeding up their recovery. You should also seriously consider rehab if your loved one is an addict. Rehabilitation centers are equipped with the resources and expertise that is needed to assist your loved one. The cost shouldn’t determine whether you put your friend there or not.

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