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Dangers of Social Drinking Games

People drink with friends and family members in social drinking games. Social drinking games come with many disadvantages. Some may engage in drinking games during holidays while others have made it a habit to drink even when it is not during holidays. These drinking habits have more often led to very much serious consequences which may hurt the participants. It is very important for everyone to know the dangers of engaging in social drinking games. Engaging in social drinking games has the following dangers.

You can lose control of yourself after engaging in social drinking games and taking too much alcohol into your body. You can lose control of yourself after engaging in social drinking games. More often after drinking you will not be able to handle anything as an adult and you may end up causing fights with other people in the bar. You will also not be able to do things like walking or even driving as before which may lead to accidents. Make sure that you don’t drink past your limit when on social drinking games.

There is a risk of alcohol poisoning when one takes more beer than the body can handle. All of us has a level that we cannot exceed when taking alcohol without being poisoned by it. In case you are alcohol poisoned you will need to visit a doctor to get the alcohol removed from the body. You may end up being in trouble if you are alcohol poisoned and there is no doctor to care for you.

Engaging in social drinking games many times can make you get addicted to alcohol. When you are addicted to alcohol you will need to be taking it every day and without it, you will not be normal. You should not engage in drinking games more often to avoid being addicted to alcohol and even lose your job. When you are addicted to alcohol you will not able to work properly and looking for a job will be hard for you.

After losing control or yourself you can be in sexual risk without knowing. This involves engaging in sexual intercourse when you are drunk either knowingly or even unknowingly. People can take advantage of you and rape you when you are drunk. You should always contain your drinking level to avoid being caught up in the sexual risk. The above points can be used to show the danger that an individual gets after engaging in social drinking games. These are the effects that you get after you have engaged in social drinking games. In conclusion, the above points describe the risk that one faces when he engages in a social drinking game.