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Odd Things Ever Witnessed in Lab

There are some things that happen in the scientific field that the common person might not get to understand. Scientific innovations have made very great impacts on the lives of human beings. People have gained light about some activities which are controlled by supernatural powers through scientific studies. The lives of people have been greatly improved through scientific knowledge. Continue reading this article to learn about some weird things that have ever happened in the scientific lab

Among the weirdest experiments that happened in a home secret lab is the one related to piano music and torpedo signal. George Antheil and Hedy Lammar happened to share common interests in mechanical works and weapon design which resulted to the weird invention. Using the theory that dynamic frequency was difficult to hack Compared to static frequency their invention is the one used today in Wi-Fi and the cellular signals. The major improvement in the communication system due to the cell phones and the Wi-Fi technology was as an effort of combined knowledge of the two.

Ob/Ob lab mouse is another odd invention that was made by researchers. Keeping the mice in the lab for a long time made the researcher to discover their behavior. The study revealed that mice had the ob gene which has been useful in regulating metabolism and appetite. The ob gene is used up to date in treating patients with eating disorders and those who might experience unusual metabolism. The ob gene has been used in the studies of obesity conditions. Scientists are also using the ob gene to conduct studies regarding cholesterol condition in the body.

People found it weird to realize that the organs of a human being can be grown in the scientific laboratories. The discovery can be very important as it’s predicted to solve some medical problems. Some of the organs that look like that of human beings are liver, kidneys and the intestines. The scientists are growing the human ears on the mice. Medical practitioners have been able to successfully conduct reconstructive surgery through the use of the theory of growing human ears on the mouse.

People have found it difficult to understand the science behind the creation of robots. With the continued advancement in technology, people should expect to hear more inventions by the aggressive scientists with the desire to make human life better. Research has been embraced by many people due to the capability of the scientists in making the world a favorable place for people to live in by providing solutions to many situations. Visiting this related post can give more information on the scientific inventions.